Osorio Chong mocks Baja California: State Government

The State Government of Baja California has issued a press release to reject and condemn Miguel Angel Osorio Chong’s statements, he was the equivalent to the Secretary of State since 2012 and quit to run for Senator, saying that he couldn’t take care of the Security and crime problem in Baja California due to political and partisan matters, so the Government Secretary of Baja California, Francisco Rueda on behalf of Governor Kiko Vega issued a press release stating the Government position on the subject.

As Secretary, Osorio visited Tijuana and promised to be back in order to start taking care of the problem, but he didn’t do anything, and Rueda said that SEGOB (DOS of sorts) had all the capabilities to take care of the problem, but Osorio never showed any interest or paid heed to continuous callings from society, not alone the State Government which (by the way) is not the same as Mr. Osorio’s And President Peña.

Mr. Rueda acknowledge the effort and coordination with all Federal forces in the State and blamed Osorio’s attitude towards an antagonistic Government and he said that Osorio Chong had the opportunity of helping Baja California and he didn’t as a matter of fact he mocked and laughed at the people of Baja California since this was a claim from the people not the only the Government.

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