Child kidnapped in Mexicali: Have you seen him?

On Sunday, June 10, the Attorney General of Baja California issued an Amber Alert, to locate 9-year-old Isau Alexander Sánchez García, the child was kidnapped on Saturday, June 9 in Mexicali.

According to the progress of the investigation carried out by the ministerial police as a result of the complaint filed on Saturday by the kid’s mother, Isau was abducted by one of his neighbors who lived right across the street from his house, located in Colonia Baja California.

The child’s mother reported that for more than a month and a half her son was helping his neighbor named “Luis Alvarado”, about 50 years of age, to dismantle cars on weekends and her son asked for her permission to go pick up a car with the neighbor, however, after a couple of hours, as they didn’t return, the lady says that during the following hours she received text messages from her son from the telephone of “Luis” telling him he was fine and not to notify the authorities, in the last message received, he told him again that he was fine and that he was on the US border.

According to the Attorney General’s Office, the minor has not been located so far, nor has it been possible to verify the identity and the real name of his neighbor.

The Office of the Attorney General of Baja California has already notified the authorities of other States in Mexico and of the United States about the child’s abduction.

Attorney General of Baja California


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