FOUR playful “compadres” and their obsession of being President


MEADE speaks as he hadn’t been part of two Presidential terms which yielded millions of poor people.
AMLO keeps talking of ending corruption, republican honesty and he keeps promising things.
ANAYA still tries to take off the monkey on his back: Corruption accusations, several of them.
BRONCO is a rodeo clown turned candidate who jokes and plays the fool in this campaign.
MEXICO loses in a debate where the only thing that is clear is the obsession of these four guys.

Four guys who represent the worst part of a political system which has no good nor positive side.
First a “bronco” who is only having a good time trying to make the other three look bad.
The “savior of Mexico” who will win because the polls say so and “will finish the Power Mafia”
A political hybrid who spits against the wind in every debate and doesn’t realize no one believes him.
The “young wonder”, made by Chief Diego, who wants to erase his bad image and is said to be corrupt.

They are the four NOTORIOUS BANDITS who want to be President in Mexico and debated three times.
They rubbed shit and filth on each other, the country and all Mexicans, who happily cheered.
Mexico deserves much more than weak, bland Governments who are prone to corruption and treason.
Mexicans are selfish and treacherous, if they don’t accept it there will never be a real change.
Mexico has miraculously survived, with an “institutionalized revolution” which robbed Mexicans.
Mexico survived a cowboy candidate who never made good on his promises and a courageous dwarf.

Will Mexico survive this July First Election? It’s very hard to tell

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