Bloody and expensive democracy: Mayor candidate killed in Michoacán, he is number 100


The electoral process Mexico 2018 has been stained with blood several times and once again a candidate was murdered, there have been more than one hundred candidates murdered, this time in Michoacán where Alejandro Chavez who was running for Mayor in the city of Taretán, but he and his wife were shot in La Florida and was killed when he was being given medical attention.

After the attack, Chavez who is the candidate of the PAN-MC-PRD Coalition, and his wife were taken to the City Hospital while being given first aid by their aides, but Mr. Chavez’s wounds were so serious that he had to be taken to Uruapan City hospital where he died while he was being given attention by doctors.

There have been more than one hundred candidates murdered during Mexico 2018, a process with “dirty war” among candidates and attacks, threats and insults in social media, becoming a dark waiting hall o what could become a violent and bloody election day next July 1st, when a corrupt system will struggle to keep its privileges.

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