Presidential candidate Lopez Obrador in Mexicali: “I’ll win cause I’m up in the polls”


He is sure that he will be the next Mexican President and this Monday morning at 10 o’clock around three thousand people attended Presidential candidate Andres Manuel Lopez Obrador campaign wrap up, with some political celebrities from Tijuana such as Jaime Martinez Veloz and Alejandro Ruiz Uribe and his father Humberto Ruiz Barraza, and from Mexicali Marco Vizcarra, Angel Norzagaray, Modesto Ortega and Armando Terán Corella, all of them used to be at different political fronts that didn’t really concur with Lopez Obrador’s political ideas, but now they are all together on this adventure.

In his speech Lopez Obrador repeated the promises he’s been making for several months now, the minimum wage will be doubled, he will equalize the gasoline price to the prices in California and will do the same with the Added Value Tax (IVA in Spanish) which is 16% in Mexico and 8% in California, he will reduce 50% off the Income Tax Rate while he promised that the big transnational companies which don’t pay any taxes will pay as they should have done a long time ago.






At the end of the rally, Lopez Obrador said goodbye and left in hurry to Hermosillo and Chihuahua, where he would head more campaign “wrap ups” with several people trying to get closer to him and the press swarming all around him and he looked confident that he will be the next Mexican President because “I am winning according to the polls”

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