Immigrant advocates say J. Bonillla, Senate candidate is a “racist and supports anti Mexican policies”


While Jaime Bonilla, Candidate for the Mexican Senate by MORENA, the political party which promotes itself as an honest and anti-corruption alternative for Mexican electors, was accused of racism, anti-Mexican immigrants and as a supporter of Republican Duncan Hunter, a Congress candidate who supports Trump’s policies: “A deported man came to us, we told him to go back to his home town, and he answered that he couldn’t do it without his family who remains living in the USA.

“Bonilla hasn’t really been empathic with the people, he’s got an awful lot of money and I am not against big money, but against what he’s capable of doing if he gets to be elected”, said Altagracia Tamayo, Director of Casa Cobina, shelter for deported immigrants, while Tomas Diosdado, from Alfa & Onega Shelter said that Bonillla has done business in the United States and he was a sort of Water District officer (Diosdado called him “water director”) and that he had acquired a TV channel on the American side to promote his political ideas.

They expressed their deep worry of the probability of such a person reaching such a power position, mostly when he concurs with most of Donald Trump beliefs and they dread a guy like Bonillla having voice and lobby capabilities in Mexican Senate, they said that he lives in San Diego and reiterated that he’s had political offices and has been a candidate in San Diego and California, serious accusations against a candidate who supports a project which boasts of being an honest and anti-corruption alternative.

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