Successful kidney transplant performed in Mexicali

The transplant was a success thanks to Organ Donation and to the constant work of the team of specialists.

Today a second chance of life is offered to 2 patients who were successfully transplanted a kidney at the General Hospital of Mexicali. Also 2 more people are waiting to perform the cornea procedure.

The General Hospital of Mexicali is one of the hospitals of the State certified to perform organ transplants.

To encourage and promote the procurement of organs at national level, the creation of State Transplant Centers was authorized and currently Baja California is one of the 3 States where this organism has not been installed.

Lack of economic resources, is the reason why no progress has been made in the creation of the center, between 1.5 and 2 million pesos are required per year.

The intention to create the liver transplant program at the General Hospital of Mexicali was also announced at a press conference, counting so far with the participation of 2 specialists and the goodwill of the parties involved.

The doctors hope that before the end of the year the first liver transplant can be performed at the General Hospital of the State Capital.


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