Baja California Congressmen and women elect new State Supreme Court Justice: Alejandro Fragozo

Judge Carlos Cataño was fired or ceased (depending on who tells the tale) for negligence and he left an empty space which hadn’t been filled due to the political repercussions and power quest that his case yielded among the political forces of Baja California who wanted a “piece of the cake” of the huge amount of influence that such a vacancy created and the Congress representatives, who had to vote, hadn’t been able to reach an agreement.





After three rounds voting, Baja California Congress men and women, elected Alejandro Fragozo as new State Supreme Court Justice to cover the vacancy left by Judge Cataño, during the ordinary session of Wednesday June 20, headed by BBC Legislative Branch President Marco Antonio Bolaños Cacho.





The Legislative branch has the prerogative of electing judges and justices according to Article 58 of the State’s Constitution, and the applicants for the new position were: Alejandro Fragozo López, Marcelino Zepeda Berrelleza, Karla Amaya Coronado, Pedro Galaf Hernández García, Víctor Manuel Fernández Ruíz de Chávez, Ana María Elías González Rosas, Juan Salvador Morones Pichardo, Luciano Angulo Espinoza, así como Jorge Osbaldo Flores Ruíz, Nelson Alonso Kim Salas, Andrés Garza Chávez, Jesús Antonio Chávez Hoyos y María Dolores Moreno Romero.

There were two previous voting rounds where there was no consensus among the Congress representatives and it was during the third one when the new Justice for the State Superior Court (which is the official name of the State’s Supreme Court)

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