Court documents show criminal past of American who caused fatal accident in Rosarito

The son of a Coronado bar owner was involved in a crash that killed a man in Rosarito, Mexico last week, sources tell 10News.

The crash happened on June 11 in the Playa Encantado neighborhood of Rosarito, according to that city’s Justice Agency.

Mexican authorities said Gregory McPartlin Jr. crashed into another vehicle. A total of four cars were eventually involved in the wreck.

Documents obtained by 10News show an extensive criminal history for the son of the Coronado bar owner linked to this fatal crash in Mexico. “There were body parts everywhere,” a witness said

Court documents obtained by 10News outlined Gregory McPartlin Jr.’s arrest history from 2006-2012, and it includes multiple DUI arrests, drug paraphernalia possession and a hit-and-run case.

In a February 2011 case, McPartlin Jr. was charged with DUI, hit-and-run and driving under a suspended license in connection with an incident in downtown San Diego.

According to the documents, McPartlin Jr. was driving on 19th Street when he struck three parked cars. He then abandoned his car and fled the scene.

TBP Newsroom with information from 10News San Diego

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