Presence of vipers in Mexicali causes panic among the population

Many wild animals inhabit the surroundings of Mexicali, and the presence of vipers scares the population that does not know how to proceed when seeing these specimens.

“In Mexicali there is not an agency in charge of search, rescue, and relocate wild animals in their habitat. These animals come out of their hibernation and find constructions that were not there before or they use underground tunnels of rodents. But not all snakes are poisonous”, explained Veterinary Zootechnologist, Hugo Loaiza.

Through social networks, the Cachanillas have reported snakes in different parts of the city. And in one of the cases in the Viña del Sol subdivision a harmless, not poisonous “viper” was found.

“It was confused with a rattlesnake as it moves its tail quickly and hits the floor, so they killed it. But this animal is a large consumer of rodents that are more harmful and abundant in the area”, the Vet said.

“Although it is not poisonous, it may bite to defend itself, “he explained.

Due to the panic generated by the presence of these animals, people unfortunately kill them, even though their habitat is in arid zones such as the entire territory of Mexicali, where the development of subdivisions or removal of rubble leaves these reptiles without home or shelter.

“They are predators of rodents that are cosidered pests by nature, so it is necessary not to kill them, scare them away or try to catch them,” concluded the veterinarian.

TBP Newsroom with information from La Voz de la Frontera

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