33,205 cachanillas receive free contraceptives from the Health Department

Mexicali Health Department has 33,205 patients registered as contraception methods users, a service offered at no cost in all Health Centers in the state capital.

This was highlighted during the development of the Family Planning course-workshop for doctors and nurses, an event aimed at implementing technology in new information systems, headed by Yoloxóchitl Gómez Martínez, from the Mexicali Health Department.

“The main objectives are two: One, to know the number of users of family planning methods we have based on the population interested in having birth contro. And two, to find out the number of methods we need to avoid falling short in supply.”

The Health Jurisdiction offers at no cost up to ten different options for birth control, from patches, subdermal and intrauterine implants, pills, injections, condoms and surgeries for both men and women.

Men and women interested in obtaining a contraceptive method should approach their nearest Health Center where they will undergo a medical evaluation to determine the one that best suits them, according to their age, gender and hormonal status.

Source: La Voz de la Frontera

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