DIF Mexicali builds Permanent Shelter for the homeless: Margarita Sanx

The Permanent Shelter for homeless people is being built and the construction has a 70% advance, according to Integral Family System of Mexicali President, Margarita Flores de Sanchez, who estimated that, in a few more months, the shelter will be fully operational to host and protect those people who don’t have a place to be and protect themselves from extreme weather in Summer as well as in Winter.

Mrs. Sanchez also said that this project is the answer to the homeless and poor need for support, since they have no place to live, they are exposed to extreme heat and cold weather, and there are only temporary shelters which are open in extreme temperature periods this one will operate 24 hours, 7 days a week, 365 days a year and will have the capacity to serve up to 94 people.

Mexicali City Hall Director of Public Works, Francisco Reynoso said that the building’s construction  has advanced as much as 70% with an investment of 6 million 543 thousand 920 pesos and it has an 815 square meter surface and it will be ready in two months and it will be located in Ciudad Victoria Avenue and Rio Nuevo Boulevard.

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