Kelllogg’s cereal allegedly tainted with Salmonella: 73 people sick in the US

Seventy three people got sick in the US, as Kellogg’s Cereal allegedly tainted with Salmonella Mbandaka has been “recalled”, Code UPC Honey Smacks 0750100807562 866 g.; Honey Smacks 3800039103 15.3 oz.; Honey Smacks 3800014810 23 oz which expiration dates go from June 14th 2018 to June 14th 2019, Baja California Government issued a press release where it warns the public about the possibility of contaminated cereal.

The National Health Risk Federal Commission issued a Notice about US imported Kellogg’s Honey Smacks cereal recall, and informed that it will closely follow up the recall actions and in case it’s necessary will implement whatever required sanitary surveillance needed to make sure of the recall of the involved product from market shelves and convenience stores.

Anyone in possession of any of these products, must give notice to Kellogg’s de Mexico to be given help and orientation as of what to do, for further information enter COFEPRIS Web site: or call 50805200 Ext. 1256, 1391 or e mail .



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