Motorist runs over 14 people in Mexicali under the influence of alcohol

Under the influence of alcohol, a man used his car to run over 14 people in a soccer field in Mexicali’s Ejido Distrito Federal.

The attack was triggered by a fight during a soccer game, and out of the 14 people injured, 4 are reported in serious condition, and the other 10 resulted with concussions and bruises

The report was made to emergency number 911 around 10:30 AM on Sunday June 24, and when the information was confirmed, the firefighters ambulances came to assist the injured.

One of the ambulances took the two persons most seriously affected, while the rest moved the others to the General Hospital and the hospital of the state capital.

Nine of the 14 were taken to the health centers of Ejido Hermosillo.

It is presumed that the attacker went mad after the fight that took place on the soccer field, causing him to attack 14 people with his car.

So far, there are no reports of arrests in relation to this incident

TBP Newsroom with information from Uniradio

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