Korean ship makes emergency stop in Ensenada due to crew member’s death

The ship “Seasucces” from Korea made an unexpected stop in the port of Ensenada, which was not within its route, according to Port Authority sources.

The death by natural cause of a crew member of the ship “Seasucces” forced a stop at the Port of Ensenada on June 27.

The ship came from Korea, and Ensenada was not on its route, according to unofficial reports, however, due to the unfortunate death of a crew member, they had to dock there.

According to sources from the Port, the crew member suffered an asthma attack and then died, although it could not be determined the exact date of death.

When docking, the Public Ministry was notified to continue with the corresponding procedure.

Data was requested from the Harbor Master’s Office, however, employees of the unit indicated that the office staff was not authorized to issue statements.

TBP Newsroom with information from debate.com.mx/

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