National Electoral Institute could fine MORENA political party with 197 million pesos for embezzlement

The Fiscalization Commission of Mexico’s National Electoral Institute (INE) announced that it is considering to fine three political parties (PEN, PRI and MORENA) with 236 million pesos, being MORENA the one with the highest sanction with 197 million pesos for allegedly embezzling millions thru the “Por los demás” Trust implemented to help people affected by last September 19th earthquake in Mexico City.

The Technical Unite for Fiscalization of the institute concluded that the Trust Fund, opened in Afirme Bank, was used in a triangulation scheme by which there were 36 million pesos in cash received between December 26 and 29 in small 50 thousand pesos deposits made by four or five people who, in two minute intervals deposited the money in six bank branch offices according to videos which were provided by Afirme Bank when they were required by the authorities.

With these and other transactions the Trust Fund received up to 78 million pesos 64 of which were withdrawn by means of cashier’s checks issued to the name of several MORENA officers and candidates among them the representative of the party in the Electoral Institute of Puebla, MORENA has just issued two written manifestos where they deny everything.

INE also announced that PRI and PAN might also be fined the first one with 36 million pesos for alleged embezzlement of taxpayers money for political campaigns when Javier Duarte (now in jail) was Governor of Veracruz, and the Coalition Alliance headed by PAN with Citizen Movement (MC) and Revolutionary Democratic Party (PRD) may be fined with 3 million pesos due to an illegal donation by Duhart Consulting.

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