Woman who stole purse inside a church in Mexicali wanted by police

The Mexicali Municipal Police reported that the theft of a handbag was caught on tape on Wednesday June 27, inside the Perpetuo Socorro Parish, located in Colonia Nueva of the state capital.

The images taken by the security camera corroborate that a woman, who wore a white blouse and brown pants, was the one who allegedly took the hand bag, taking advantage of the owner’s distraction who was praying.

Once she stole the bag, she walked out of the church in a hurry. It was moments later when the victim noticed her purse was missing, and called the local authorities to report what happened.

Agents of the Municipal Public Security Directorate requested the support of the citizens to inform them of any information they have about this case.

So far, no arrests have been made in relation with this incident.

TBP Newsroom

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