You’re invited you to taste craft beer to celebrate the 115th Anniversary of Mexicali

This Friday 29 and Saturday 30 june, the community will be able to taste the craft beer winner in the challenge for the 115th Anniversary of Mexicali in the different tasting houses of this drink across the state capital.

The coordinator of Economic Development of the City Council, José Luis González, explained that it could be tested in the tap room of the company that won the challenge, Fauna.

The creator of the drink, Alejandro Larios, explained that it is a light, refreshing wheat beer that was made with oranges from the Mexicali valley. The aroma is intense and dominated by the smell of citrus.

It was reported that it could also be acquired in stores: Brew Capital, Urban Brewery, Wild Pork, Legion, El Sume, Averno and Amante Brew Company.

TBP Newsroom

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