#LadyChampagne was elected Senator and lost dignity in a drunken stupor


She’s now known at a national level as #LadyChampagne, however during the campaign she had already given proof that she’d “lost the ground”, she stopped greeting people she looked self-sufficient and “power sick”, she even seemed to float rather than walk, Sunday, after the election results gave her a virtual Senator’s charge, Alejandra Leon showed her real personality, drunk and insulting and calling names she attacked her opponents Juanita Perez and Jorge Ramos, just like a “girl from hood”.

Sadly for her, she could be taken as an example to show that Lopez Obrador, the election winner for President and leader of MORENA (Leon’s party) was talking seriously when he said> ZERO TOLERACE for corruption or any kind of abuse, in this case there must be a real severe punishment to show that no inappropriate behavior will be tolerated in the new regime.

Sad conclusion that, with Little or no class at all and no civic attitude towards victory, show the real face of someone who climbed a brick and got dizzy with a little power she was granted since she became candidate and now “virtual senator” shreds light on her real human quality: Not prepared to exert power and with lots of hate and resentment in a moment when Mexico needs to reconcile with itself and not these sort pf attitudes of such a low life profile.

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