”There weren’t any negative reactions to Lopez Obrador electoral win”: Mexicali Entrepreneurial Counsel


The world financial community didn’t react as expected to the electoral results which gave Mexico’s Presidency to Andres Manuel Lopez Obrador as experts had foretold, said Federico Diaz Gallego President of the Entrepreneurial Coordination Counsel of Mexicali, “they said that there would be an exodus of investment capital, and dollar would go as high as 50 pesos per dollar and none of that happened”.

All the negative forecasts which were repeated all over the electoral campaign didn’t come true, it was quite the opposite and the market reacted in a positive fashion to the electoral results, “and that gives us tranquility, we think there already are macro economical agreements between the people in the Government now and those who will be taking charge soon, now the markets have to trust and invest in Mexico, they have to overcome fright and bring their money to invest in our country”, said Diaz Gallego finally.

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