Virtual Senator elect Alejnadra León to face MORENA partisan ejection process: Polenvsky


“There are many ‘panistas’ here” a voice was Heard saying during the press conference where virtual Senator elect, Alejandra Leon would supposedly apologize for the name calling and aggressive language used against her electoral opponents when she was celebrating last Sunday victory.

The case has been all over but the important thing is that Yeidckol Polevnsky, National President of MORENA (the political party for which León participated) said that the now infamous virtual lawmaker will face an ejection process but the Senator’s charge was achieved by people’s voting so she can’t be “taken down” from it, so she will be an independent or non-partisan Senator.

This case has awakened a big discussion in Mexicali where violent and the real revenge and resentment face and feeling of many Lopez Obrador’s followers has come out and there are already voices saying NO RECONCILIATION and other phrases which contradict virtual President Elect Lopez Obrador discourse.

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