President Elect Lopez Obrador and entrepreneurial counsel start apparent honeymoon: Will it last?


The Entrepreneurial Coordinating Counsel which in 2006 carried out a “dirt campaign” against virtual President Elect, Andres Manuel Lopez Obrador (AMLO), now gets together with him and even pretends to agree with him on some of his projects such as support to the youth and the senior citizens, after a meeting in which Juan Pablo Castañón (CCE President) said that since election day (last July 1st) “there is a democracy and not a dictatorship going on in Mexico”.

The CCE started and executed a campaign to tarnish AMLO’s prestige twelve years ago, investing millions of pesos in TV and radio to expose him as “a hazard for Mexico” and now that rejection and repulsion attitude became in “will to work all together” in the youth and student program supported by the entrepreneurial sector and it seems only the beginning the first chapter of a story that will really begin to be told as of next December the first.

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