Imelda and her two daughters Montserrat y Rebeca are reported missing in Mexicali

Mexicali, Baja California.- Citizens are requested to collaborate to locate Imelda Cortez García, 42, and her daughters, Montserrat and Rebeca Hurtado Cortez, aged 6 and 5 respectively.

The missing persons left their address located in Quintas del Rey V last Thursday, July 5, and they have not returned.

Relatives indicate that they may be circulating on board a white KIA Sportage 2001 SUV vehicle, with American license plates.

If you have information that allows the authorities to locate these missing persons, report them to the Investigative State Unit for Search for Non-Localized Persons, at the telephone number 904 4100 extensions 4064, 4029 or 4288; to the emergency number 911 or to the anonymous report 089.

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