Drone falls with grenades in the home of the State Secretary of Public Safety Sosa Olachea

A drone carrying two fragmentation grenades fell into a property that the Secretary of Public Security of the State, Gerardo Manuel Sosa Olachea, owns in the municipality of Tecate, Baja California.

The device was detected by the elements of the State Preventive Police that guard the property, which is not used by Sosa Olachea, who lives in Mexicali.

In this regard, the secretary said that this is the result of the strategy implemented against crime by the agency under his charge, which in recent months has captured criminals and confiscated drugs and weapons.

He asserted that the guard will not be lowered and, along with the three levels of government, they will redouble efforts to capture the criminals “who try to act above the law and affect the tranquility of the communities.” (The grenades were deactivated).

Source: SSPE

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