8 people die from illnesses related to heat in Mexicali

During the last weekend Mexicali recorded maximum temperatures of 45 degrees Celsius, the Forensic Medical Service registered 15 bodies, of these, 8 were deaths associated with the high temperatures in the region.

The weekend was also one of the most violent in recent times in the State Capital, 7 violent homicides were reported, for a total of 83 murders in Mexicali in 2018.

César Raúl González, head of SEMEFO in Baja California, declared that most of the people who died over the weekend, not counting the violent homicides, suffered from an illness that was aggravated by the high temperatures and which resulted in their death.

Officially and according to ISESALUD during this summer season only one death caused by heat stroke was confirmed, it was that of a young hiker who died after climbing the hill the Sentinel (El Centinela) at the beginning of the summer season in Mexicali.

Press release Sintesis TV

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