Ivan Riebeling alleged human rights advocate was arrested in Tijuana for threats against the governor a journalist

Ivan Riebeling, alleged human rights advocate and who also threatened a Tijuana journalist who published several videos insulting Baja California Governor, was arrested in Tijuana this Friday July 13th morning.

Riebeling is member of the so called International Diplomatic Corps of Human Rights and has provoked polemics insulting Governor Vega and journalists and calling them names and threats, as he did April this year when he said he would tear reporter’s Odilon Garcia’s head, Tijuana journalist who had published his criminal rap sheet in the USA, when in Mexico he pretends to be a Human Rights advocate.

Among insults and defamation to the Tijuana based journalist, he said: “Odilon Garcia we all know you are in the Governor’s payroll and Tijuana Mayor, the only thing I’m going to rape is your ass . .  Don’t you mess around with me if I were a criminal, believe you me . . . I would have had you killed, it’s not biggie for me”.

HE also threatened Raul Reynoso, Communication Director of the State Government he said that he would tear his head apart, Friday the 13th of July he was presented with an arrest warrant he recorded it and published it on Facebook but kept the reason as a secret.

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