“Old Furniture” operation in Mexicali’s Condesa section Saturday July 14th

Saturday July 14th, form 7:00 AM to 1:00 PM, Mexicali City Hall program “Old Furniture” will be at Condesa Section, Mexicali Mayor invited the place residents and nearby sections to join the effort which the city Government carries out almost every weekend and has recollected more than 556 cubic meters (around a million pounds) promoting cleanness and order all over Mexicali.

He said this operation has been in the following sections: Hidalgo, Valle de Puebla, Zacatecas, Valle de Pedregal and this Saturday July 14th it will be in Condesa Section, in the areas known as; Altares, Almaraz, Aldaz, Villalba and Castilllejo, where there are spaces for all those who need to get rid of old furniture which they don’t use anymore and in the end City Hall personnel take them to recollection centers.

Mayor Sanchez indicated that the program allows the municipality to recollect big objects which can be transported easily and usually people have to take them to empty ground lots which makes the city dirty and affects the appearance of Mexicali, but with this program they just have to wait for Operation Old Furniture to be near their home to take them to Public Services personnel who take care of everything.

Mayor Sanchez Vazquez said that anybody interested in “Old Furniture” visiting their neighborhood, can call Public Services Direction at 556-9650 or dial 072.

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