Bat with rabies bites woman in Baja California Sur

A bat with the rabies virus bit a woman in the state of Baja California Sur.

After the attack, the victim managed to capture the animal and she was able to receive medical attention almost immediately, so the attack had no consequences on her health.

So far this year there have been two cases of rabies in the state: the bat that bit the woman and the other in a bovine, with no human involvement.

As reported by El Sudcaliforniano, the woman who was attacked by the bat trapped the animal and took it to the specialized medical unit, where was treated according to the established protocol, while the bat was kept for observation by staff of the National Health Service, Safety and Agri-food quality (SENASICA).

The deputy director of Health Services to the Community of the Ministry of Health, Amparo García, said that during the summer season, the possibility of rabies cases increases, because there is more mating activity in both wild and domestic animals.

Source: El Sudcaliforniano

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