Two drug pushers arrested in Mexicali by special agents from the State General Attorney’s office

Two drug pushers were arrested in Mexicali, by Ministerial Police officers, from the Baja California general Attorney’s office from the “narco retail” division, their names are Diana Fabiola “X” and Juan Manuel “X” who were denounced anonymously as Chrystal methamphetamine suppliers in the Valle de Puebla section of Mexicali.

According to the anonymous call received by authorities, a house on Teziutlan Avenue between Alabastros and Loza Blanca streets, was enabled by the aforementioned people as a drug house where addicts attended to buy drugs, so there was a search warrant requested and granted so the officers were able to seize Chrystal meth packages.

There were 21 plastics packs containing a white granulated substance, which was thought to be Chrystal methamphetamine, so they were arrested and the substance seized and taken to the Public Ministry agent belonging to the General Attorney’s Office.

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