Car theft down 20%, State Police recovers 264 stolen cars: Secretary Gerardo Sosa

The state preventive police cats recovered to for stolen cars 18 according to the public security Secretary of Baja California, Gerardo Sosa Olachea, who also said that this crime has diminished in the state send there were 34 people arrested while riding on stolen cars in individuals more which have outstanding warrants for car theft.

It was in Tijuana where more cars were recovered 26 stolen vehicles in Ensenada 104, Mexicali 18, Playas de Rosarito 11 and Tecate 5, and as a result arrests against common and organized delinquents 385 cars which were reported or involved in several crimes where recovered.

The numbers and figures secretary Sosa refers to, belong to the lapse between January first and July 7 of this year, and achieved by constant surveillance in problematic areas of all the state’s cities.

All this is part of the “Security Crusade, everybody’s task” led by Governor Kiko Vega, and secretary Sosa exhorted Baja California residents dial 911 or 08 9 to report any illegal activities.

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