Constellation Brands supports worker who lost vision of the left eye a denies interference in courts’ decision


Constellation Brands (CB) has been the theme of the day in several crime notes in Mexicali media since they arrived to install their brewing operation in the capital of Baja California, and now (again) they are part of a violent dispute in a criminal court, the company has issued a press release where they regret the attack against Carlos Adrian Mares, worker of the company who lost the left eye sight as an alleged aggression in one of the several riots where a group of Mexicali residents have expressed their total rejection to the beer worldwide giant.

The press release says that Constellation Brands considers its workers (direct or indirectly involved with CB) safety and personal integrity an utmost priority and emphasized its concern and respect for the “law and other regulations that might apply” (sic) and repeated that Mr. Mares situation is unacceptable and shameful, but they don’t specify if the affected individual is one of CB’s workers or an independent contractor working for the multinational beer and wine giant.

CB wraps up its press release saying than they support and will support and provide legal advice to Mares in the case in which the alleged aggressor is being tried in a local court in Mexicali, who is not guilty until he is sentenced and immediately denies any link whatsoever with any decision made by the Public Minister (State Attorney) or the Judge.

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