Corn variety from Oaxaca could be the solution to agricultural chemical fertilizers abuse

A native variety of corn, which is produced in the Mixe Mountains in the Southern Mexican state of Oaxaca, which is able to “fix nitrogen” of the atmosphere without using any chemical fertilizers was discovered in a scientific research by University of California in Davis, Madison-Wisconsin University, Oaxaca Valley Technological Institute and Mars, Inc. according to a press release by the Environment Protection Secretary (SEMARNAT).


The researchers aim to incorporate this characteristic in conventional corn varieties reducing the use of fertilizers and chemicals, increasing productivity in poor soils and might even help small farmers in emergent countries who have no access to this kind of products and according to Mexican Government the Mixe community in Oaxaca, where the research is being carried out, is safe and actively participates in the project and denied any genetic hazard whatsoever.


“The research has been done according to what the Nagoya Protocol about Access to Genetic Resources and Fair and Equal Participation in any sort of benefits derived of the research, and received information and gave its consent according to an agreement where the distribution of financial or any other benefits stemming from this scientific task”, said the press release.

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