Two public High School students receive college scholarships in CETYS thanks to HONEYWELL

“Since I was a little girl I wanted to get my college degree from CETyS but unfortunately my family couldn’t afford tuition, so I studied very hard in High School and I discovered my love for robotics when I attended Expo CETYS and I fell in love with all I was able to do here and I am very excited that a company as important as Honeywell is relying in my talent and is granting me this scholarship, ow my plan is to take advantage of all the knowledge regarding aerospace science I can get here and keep growing”, said Mariana Yael Castro, who has been granted a 90% scholarship in CETYS.

Mariana and Juan Pablo Romero two outstanding students, both from CBTIS 21, were granted scholarships to study in CETYS Campus Mexicali, as part of the cooperation between CETYS and the industrial sector of Mexicali, this time it was HONEYWELL who granted the scholarships to these students, a collaboration which has contributed to human capital formation and training, something that the institution has given big attention, and the local industrial companies trust in the CETYS students talent and helps them develop in an academic sense.

Guillermo Cheang, CETYS Engineering Department Director, congratulated the students for their achievement  and invited them to make the best of this opportunity, “Altogether we would like to strengthen the talent ypou already have, with the support of CETYS teachers and I am sure that you will grow up to become leaders in the field you are going to work”.

On the other hand, Juan Pablo Romero, the other student with a scholarship, said: “I want to learn all the fundamentals in order to grow and develop myself within the aerospace industry, my parents have made a big effort to support and help me all thru my education process, I am from San Felipe and since High School I moved to Mexicali, because I was aware that the big opportunities were to be found here, and now Honeywell is giving me that special chance”.

Ricardo Garcia, general director of Research Labs MRTC of Honeywell Aerospace, said that in seven years the company has given scholarships in CETYS to 15 students and now they push forward the professional and academic  development of two more: Mariana and Juan Pablo, they were chosen because of their talent and dedication as well as their commitment to excellence.

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