Distinguished PAN members disavow Baja California’s party leadership among a political crisis


A group of PAN (National Action Party) distinguished militants virtually disavowed the State leadership of their party which is in the hands of Jose Luis Ovando Patron, as of Wednesday September 5th which deepens the internal crisis of the party, and their discontent regarding the utter absence of democratic process to appoint candidates for the 2018 election which they consider as the main cause for the party downfall last July 1st, in a document addressed to the National Director’s Committee of the polituical party which has ruled Baja California for almost thirty years.

Sent by Carlos Alberto Astorga Othon and signed by several distinguished members such as former Governor Alejandro Gonzalez Alcocer, this group of “panistas”  refuses to recognize the authority of current Baja California party leader and proposes a State Temporary State Direction, something that is already previewed in the PAN statutes and they also said that their requests and demands have all strong foundations and motivated in the statutes and the facts which make their petitions fair, all of which they have stated in an official document issued by Astorga and signed by more than 20 members, most of whom have been part of one or more PAN State Govern Cabinets.

The political weather gets hotter among the PAN internal crisis, the “virtual” death of the PRI (President’s Peña Nieto’s party) and the excessive confidence of MORENA (2018 presidential election winner) the Baja California 2019 electoral process  for Governor, Local Congress and Mayor officially starts next week and it seems that MORENA might as well finish almost three decades of PAN Governments in Baja California, but “it ain’t over till it’s over” and nothing is written, even the PRI might rise from the grave in which Mexicans put them last July first election.

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