With 1 million 139 thousand dollar investment, Governor Kiko Vega delivers new helicopter to the State Preventive Police

One 1 million 139 thousand dollars was the cost of the new helicopter of the State Preventive Police, which was delivered to the Secretary of Public Security by Governor Francisco Vega in Tijuana and it will help the PEP on crime-fighting missions, as well as aiding emergency and Rescue as part of the “Security Task of Everyone Crusade”, said Mr. Vega.

The new aircraft was financed by the insurance payment of the prior helicopter, which fell down near Mexicali’s Centinela hill, during a rescue mission where 5 occupant died, it will also be used to transport organs for transplants and it may even be enabled as an aerial ambulance for emergencies.

Meanwhile, Gerardo Sosa, Public Safety Secretary, thanked the governor for his disposition to acquire this aircraft, which will be operating from the C4 Center which soon will become the Strategic Center for Security and Civic Protection of Baja California, with the acquisition of this helicopter the State Police will have a vital instrument to fight and diminish all kinds of crime.

Secretary Sosa said there was and analysis done in order to know which times are better to fly and over which places or sites in the state, and this comes as a closure for last year’s tragic accident where the helicopter fell and there were five casualties and now the new aircraft will work for everyone’s safety and security and it will keep on working, looking for Harmony and social peace for Baja California.


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