Governor Kiko Vega and the Secretary of Economic Development receive the visit of European Union representatives

Baja California Governor, Francisco Kiko Vega and Secretary of Economic Development, Carlo Bonfante, hosted a group of representatives from the European Union in the Governor’s office in Tijuana, they  were headed by Paolo Caridi, and Annabel Boisonnade , both high level officials in the commercial Sector as part of a business trip through the State, looking for  investment opportunities.

Mr. Vega stressed the fact that Baja California has had the biggest economic growth rate in the Northern Border region with  3.5% yearly, with a performance well above the national average  of 1.2%, accomplishing 32 consecutive months with positive growth.

The European representatives shared their impressions of the State and other cities and places they had been travelling through such as Cross Border Xpress and the border crossing of San Ysidro-Tijuana and El Chaparral-Ped West.

They also took tours thru important companies operating in Baja California such as Fisher & Paykel Healthcare which manufactures products and systems used in respiratory and intensive care, which hails from New Zealand and also Safrán which was formerly known as Zodiac which manufactures parts for aircrafts.

In the meeting there were diplomats from Portugal, Ireland, Chec Republic, Finland, Poland, Spain, United Kingdom, Holland, Sweden, France and Germany.

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