Mexicali Mayor Gustavo Sanchez congratulates police officers for national achievement


Mexicali has just been awarded the safest city in Mexico according to “Alcaldes de Mexico” magazine and Mayor Gustavo Sanchez mentioned that to the Police Department whose one thousand 900 officers are the real heroes in those accomplishment, in a ceremony where he reminded them that 20 months after taking charge of Mexicali Municipality there are 105 new patrol cars, 600 bullet proof vests and 300 mobile radios as well as a considerable growth in the K9 and Bicycle police.

The CALEA certification which has been granted to Mexicali PD after a series of procedures and requirements had been accomplished, 450 required measures, and last March Mexicali the first city in Mexico to acquire the Advanced CALEA certification, said Mayor Sanchez who, along with Police chief Ulises Mendez,  got together with police officers and officials to congratulate them.

He also mentioned that Mexicali has lowered the crime statistics, being the first Municipality to get this sort of certification from CALEA and the safest Municipality in Mexico in a big event in Mexico City with attendants from all the country and he reiterated his satisfaction and mentioned (again) that there were 1 thousand 900 heroes behind this success story.

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