Alleged drug and totoaba fish dealer arrested by the State Police he is also probable murderer of a military officer

Totoaba fish trafficker and drug dealer Oscar “X” known as El Parra, Ariel “X” and Alejandro X, were captured by the Preventive State Police (PEP in Spanish) in a special operation on the San Felipe Mexicali highway, and two of their bodyguards, with high caliber weapons, tactical equipment, radios and drugs, apparently methamphetamine crystal.

He is allegedly one the most dangerous criminals of San Felipe, he was wanted by by the coordination group of Baja California and he was arrested early morning on Thursday.

According to police reports they were located when they were riding in two vehicles, a white Tacoma pickup and a grey Honda Civic on the San Felipe Mexicfali highway, the officers acted immediately and they were pulled over and then arrested.

There was an outstanding arrest warrant against Oscar, dated on January 11th 2018 for the murder of a military officer, he is also the alleged leader of a Totoaba fish traffic and drug dealing gang in San Felipe he was taken to the federal attorney to be investigated.


  • 3 Rifles AR-15 caliber .223.
  • 1 Rifle AK-47 caliber 7.62.
  • 3 guns caliber 45
  • 1 bullet proof vest.
  • 5 radios.
  • 3 tactical vests.
  • 350 cartridges
  • 125 cartridges
  • 7 magazine
  • 50 methamphetamine grams



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