New border crossing in Mexicali has created more problems than solutions to the city residents

For the safety of all Mexicali residents and the economic impact that the new border crossing represents for the city, even when Mexicali City Hall constantly expressed the Federal Government (on time and thru the correct channels) its opposition to the manner in which the new border crossing facilities were planned, Mayor Gustavo Sánchez and Mexicali City Council, agreed to emit an official invitation to the Federal Government to take care of this situation as soon as possible, since the citizens are already suffering the negative effects of a project that goes against the mobility and traffic safety of that part of the city.

“We cannot have this line of cars every day, it’s a risk to do so on the railroad tracks in a relevant access for the city, we have also been working together with the business and commerce sectors as well as State authorities and we expect the Federal Government to solve this problem in a positive manner and we even ask them to include us in a multiannual program so they can assign resources in order to carry out the necessary works”  . . . said Mayor Sanchez, and it is really important for Mexicali that the Federal “geniuses” who planned this, from three miles away, to mend this mistake, which will be hard to do since they feel they’re “perfect and infallible”.

This inconformity was expressed during the 35th Council Session of 22nd Mexicali Municipality issuing a dramatic call to the Federal Government and respectfully inviting them to take a look at the problematic situation created in the new border crossing area since it doesn’t have the necessary infrastructure for a street circulation and traffic integration and the safety of pedestrians and drivers is seriously compromised.

Since last March, Mexicali City Hall and the State Government’s Infrastructure and Urban Development Secretary, sent letters to Alberto Morales, Director of Mexico’s Treasury Tributary Administration System (the entity in charge of the works) to formally pint out the economic, productivity, safety, mobility and environmental consequences of the new border crossing but (as usual) he didn’t listen and the project kept going as planned and the new crossing was opened this week.


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