Mexicali-Calexico: Traffic chaos on both sides of the border

NO bridges or overpass in the new Mexicali-Calexico border crossing have caused traffic chaos both sides of the line, “. . .  it’s a traffic chaos, imagine when December arrives how it’s going to be . . “ said John Renison, member of the Supervisors Board of Imperial County, while Mexicali City Hall councilman, Hector Ibarra said that the lack of federal funds for bridges and overpass in the new facilities are offensive for Mexicali and have seriously harmed  the medical cluster and all the economic activity around the so called historic center of Mexicali.

Mexicali City Hall Assembly has issued an official exhortation to the Federal Government, for all the trouble caused by this new border crossing facilities which were planned by the Customs Administration which depends on the Nation’s Treasury (SHCP in Spanish) but it was planned and carried out ignoring (willingly or not) Mexicali characteristics and demographics,, “centralism” at its best.

Consequences: Abandon, the return of the “death tunnel”. The curious vendors on Madero Avenue (International crossing avenue) utterly helpless, traffic jams where the train and cars compete against each other seriously harming the economic activity and the medical cluster which serves Americans and generates financial spread all over the so called Historic Center of Mexicali.



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