Homeless man beat up to death in Mexicali

An unidentified homeless man was beat up to death during the early morning hours of Thursday Sep. 13 in Mexicali’s ex-Ejido Zacatecas, in front of the Central fire station.

Around 06:00 AM, it was reported that on the outskirts of a business located on Boulevard Lázaro Cárdenas, between Calle San Alto and Sombrerete, the body of a person covered in blood was lying on the sidewalk.

Municipal police officers arrived on site, and confirmed that the body no longer showed vital signs, therefore, they made the corresponding report to the authorities of the State Ministerial Police and Expert Services.

In a preliminary examination of the body, experts determined that the murder weapon could have been a brick, and according to the investigation, there were signs that the alleged perpetrator could’ve fled the crime scene towards the west by the New River.

At the moment, no one has been informed of any arrests in relation with this crime.

TBP Sala de Prensa

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