CETYS University hosts representatives from China, Colombia and the United States


CETYS is a private education institution which has been around for almost six decades, it’s turning 58 years of age and it has become one of the leading Universities in Northwestern Mexico and gotten a high prestige in other countries, growing from a small effort started by a handful of businessmen and professional experts from Mexicali which has grown over the years.

More than 39 thousand students have emerged from CETYS classrooms to build a successful career in many professional areas, and on Wednesday September 19th 2018, a group of honor guests from China’s Hunan Normal University, Nevada System of Higher Education, CEIPA Business School de Colombia and Arizona State University were at CETYS Mexicali facilities for a panel called “Economic Development and Education”.

The topics were diverse and ranged from virtual educational innovative strategies, to the creation of a university system coordinating industry with academy, and the relevance of international cooperation within in an educational model called “One Belt and One Road” which was presented by Jiang Xinmiao, from China’s Hunan Normal University.

The event was attended by Fernando Leon, CETYS Universidad System Dean and some of the top directors of the school, local businessmen such as Xavier Rivas and Rodolfo Nelson and several students who had the opportunity to get acquainted with educative models from other parts of the World.

At the end of the Panel, an Intention Letter was signed between Nevada System of Higher Education and CETYS University which will allow for an exchange and continuous interaction of both institutions, and the delegation from Hunan Normal University of China gave CETYS Dean Fernando León a present they brought all the way from their country.

“The program stemming from the Intention Letter signing will focus on two big opportunity areas: On one side administration, engineering and water related issues  applied research and on the other hand focus on students and professors mobility exchange mechanisms”, said Dean León.

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