Mexicali City Hall and the General Consulate of Tijuana strengthen friendship links

Aiming to tighten the friendship links as well as to strengthen the coordination and cooperation between Mexicali City Hall and the United States Consulate in Tijuana, Mexicali Mayor, Gustavo Sanchez Vasquez held a meeting with Sue Saarnio, General Consul of the United States in Tijuana.
Mayor Sanchez welcomed the visiting entourage and expressed his satisfaction about being able to host the distinguished visitors, inviting them to make them self at home in Mexicali and to feel the warmth of the residents, and told them they would find in Mexicali, a place which fundamental economy is the maquila industry, farming in Mexicali Valley and the sea in San Felipe port, where a big amount of Americans live.

Mayor Sanchez also said that Mexicali City Hall has a consistent relationship with the United States through the creation of the CALIBAJA Zone, which integrates the main cities on the Mexico-USA border line, working together to approach common issues such as Public Safety, environment and economy.

In the meeting, which took place in Casa de la Cultura (Cultural Center located in a Historic building in Mexicali old center), General Consul Saarnio and mayor Sanchez were joined by Bridget Premont, Economic and Political Affairs Consul; Maximo Cervantes, Economic and Political Specialist of the Consulate; Alfredo Arenas, International Affairs Coordinator of Mexicali and City Hall Councilman Ventura Campos.

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