Parents take over Kindergarten in Mexicali due to lack of teachers

Last school year, the State Educational System of Baja California was asked to assign a second grade teacher to the Pablo Casals preschool campus in Mexicali, however, to date the petition has not been fulfilled.

In response, the parents took control of the facilities on Monday, placing chains and a padlock on the access door, in protest.

Rosa Adriana Palafox, vice president of the Society of Parents said that since the beginning of the school year they asked for a new teacher, at first the school principal was in charge of the group, but two weeks ago she had to leave it to continue fulfilling her responsibilities as principal.

The campus has 2 weeks without classes for the 27 children of 2nd grade, and according to the parents, the educational department is not responding, the kindergarten has an enrollment of 91 students.

The parents said on Tuesday that they will not release the facilities until the new teacher who has been expected for more than 3 weeks, comes in, and a verbal or written commitment from the State Educational System, will not be enough for them to release control of the facilities.


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