CETYS Campus Mexicali to send 26 swimmers to the National Championship in Mexico State

Twenty six swimmers from CETYS College and High School Campus Mexicali, will attend the National Swimming Championships in the Juvenile C category as well as the so called First Force, within the Private Schools National Sports Commission (CONDEIP in Spanish) which will take place in the facilities of the Technological Institute of Monterrey Campus Mexico State which will take place from October 18th to the 22nd and they are expected to beat last year’s performance when they won 24 medals *6 Gold, 6 Silver and 12 Bronze) with only 18 swimmers.

Ana Romina Carmona Fiorentini, one of the swimmers said that she trains about four hours a day besides accomplishing his school assignments and said: “Sports give you mental and physical health and for me, the support form CETYS is unconditional, you decide of you want to struggle to be a good sport and have a good academic average, if you want a better future”, she has already won a medal and this year she wants to break the 50 meters record, which would mean a National Record.

She thanked her family because they taught her the importance of sports practice since she was a very little girl and she likes to enjoy and share the experience with her trainer Daniel Hernandez and she thanked CETYS again: “Because the school has given me all the support I need and I want to mention the relevant work that Roberto Quintero Marmol has been doing for the aquatic sports in CETYS”.

The Swimmers

From CETYS Campus Mexicali the swimmers are: Claudia Macías Ruiz, Nahomy López Collazo, Linda Gabriela Pelayo Coronado, Romina Carmona Fiorentini, Leonardo Bejarano Hernández, Sofia Susana Chávez Corrales, André Bejarano Hernández, Verónica Macías Ruiz, Daniel Escalante Rodríguez, Victalino Estrada León, Fátima Rodríguez Aguilar, Martha Sandoval Ayala, Sergio Ocampo Martínez, José Helio Lozano Mateos.

Daniel Parra Rodríguez, Aidé Sandoval Ayala, Christhbelen Sandoval Ayala, Luis Armando Bustamante Morales, José Emiliano Ortiz Vega, Gustavo Martínez Pacheco, Ana Fernanda Acosta Hernández, Andrés Olvera Alejos, Humberto Martínez Méndez, Alejandro Aranda Márquez, Ximena Vélez Sánchez y Oliver Pineda Mora.

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