CETYS Campus Mexicali collected three tons of help for Sinaloa and San Felipe

Three tons (about 6 thousand pounds) of humanitarian help were collected thanks to the work carried out by Technical and Superior Education Center (CETYS in Spanish) through the University Network for Prevention and Attention to Disasters (UNIRED in Spanish) to help those people who were affected by the hurricanes and tropical storms in Sinaloa and San Felipe, Baja California last September, said Alma Gurrola, Student Life Coordinator at CETYS and Northwestern Mexico coordinator of the aforementioned network.

“We would like to thank the students community of the three CETYS Campi, we also thank TIMSA, Serena and INDEX Tijuana for adding up to this effort and specially Tres Guerras Transportation who carried the collected items to Los Mochis Sinaloa without any charge whatsoever”, said Ms. Gurrola.

The students’ hard work was definitive to achieve success and collect one and a half tons to be sent to Los Mochis where it was received by Tec M9lenio, Campus Mochis, while the other half of the humanitarian help collected was sent to San Felipe through the Integral Family System (DIF) of Mexicali.

These actions are part of the manner in which CETYS seeks to foster social empathy by the students and make them aware of their role and responsibility within society and reiterate the commitment they have as future agents of change.


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