Man accused of kidnapping in Mexicali, arrested in Jalisco

A man accused of kidnapping last June in Mexicali was arrested this week in Tonalá, Jalisco, and then brought to the Baja California capital, where he was linked to process.

This man is the suspect of a kidnapping that occurred on June 16 this year in the Las Fuentes subdivision, in which he used a Mercury Grand Marquis vehicle to deprive a victim of his freedom.

Carlos “N”, 52 years old, was apprehended by Jalisco ministerial agents and turned his counterparts in Baja California, who had warned about his whereabouts in that city.

According to the Prosecutor’s Office, the detainee is accused of kidnapping the victim in the Las Fuentes subdivision, which he released in later days.

The Deputy Attorney General for Special Investigations (SIE) initiated the investigations in the case and identified the suspect, originally from Guadalajara.

Last Friday, the suspect was linked to trial by a Control Judge in Mexicali, under criminal case 4435/2018, under the charges of aggravated kidnapping.

Source: SSPE

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