State Government calls active teachers back to class, Finance secretary says they’re looking for solutions

Bladimiro Hernández Díaz, Finance and Planning Secretary of Baja California said the State Administration has been working in trying to find a way to pay the pensions corresponding to October 2018, a problem that has stemmed from the Federal administration lack of money to pay the retired professors who have been protesting in Mexicali Civic Center since last Thursday November first, because the Federal resources that were supposed to “land” in Baja California hadn’t arrived.

The Education System of Baja California, invited all teachers in the State to go back to class, in order to avoid affectations to more than 220 thousand students currently registered in 959 state schools, said the Education Secretary of BC, Miguel Angel Mendoza Gonzalez who reminded that there are 35 thousand active teachers who are paid every payday according to the Law.

So, Secretary Mendoza said that there is no reason for those teachers to go on their strike, because the problem related to lack of payment affects only the retired mentors and not the active teachers, and even though the demands of the retired are fair, the active teachers strike is unfair for the students, who are affected due to the class suspensions to protest against the lack of pension payments.

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