Baja California Fishing and Aquaculture Secretary attends blue technologies forum in San Diego

Fostering the sustainable use of maritime resources under the concept “blue technologies” and its benefits in the long term, in developing coastal regions, is an important subject for Baja California Governor Francisco Kiko Vega, said the state’s Fishing and Aquaculture Secretary, Armando Arjona Rydalch, in his participation during the “Blue Technologies National Week” which was organized by THE MARITIME ALLIANCE in San Diego, California.

Arjona attended the forum “International Leadership in Sustainability Development” with the Councilwoman of the Foreign Affairs Ministry of Norway, Hellle Klem; the Undersecretary of Maritime Politics of Portugal, Concepcion Santos and California State Comptroller, Betty Yee where he said that several States in Mexico face huge challenges to achieve a sustainable use of the maritime resources and Baja California, in Mexico’s Northwest has achieved to consolidate itself as a leading region in that matter thanks to adequate public policies and the fishing and aquaculture sector’s awareness.

Among the “blue technology” pubic policies mentioned by Arjona were: The Pisciculture Biotechnology Lab which is being built by the Baja California Autonomous University (UABC in Spanish) with financial aid of the State Government, the “BC Guarantee Seal” program for better tracing the marine products; Fishing Improvement Projects (FIP’s); support for certification of marine products and water bodies classification all under the Mexican Program for Bivalve Mollusk Hygiene.


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