GAMUNDI: A late remembrance of Tlatelolco 68, so October 2nd won’t be forgotten


It’s been more than a month since the “Tlatelolco 68” fever went away (each year Mexico mourns the killings of October 2nd 1968, during the “student’s movement”) a few days ago I had the chance to meet one of the National Strike Committee members of those days:

“In the Zocalo (central square in CdMx) August 27th, the leader Socrates Campos Lemus asked them remain as permanent guard. There were bonfires. . .  We went to get them some food. . .The guys posting guard  sang La Adelita, Cananea Jail and other songs, then the tanks came” (Felix Lucio Hernandez Gamundi, National Strike Committee member. In THE NIGHT OF TLATELOCO, by Elena Poniatowska)

Meeting Felix Hernandez Gamundi in a Water Forum in Baja California University (UABC) was a surreal experience of sorts for me. At the end of an interview about the water issue with REFORMA and LINNDERO NORTE (which I recorded) with the camera off, I told him: “May I ask you a question?” . . . “Were you in Lecumberri?” (A Mexican legendary jail).

“Yes. Two years”, he told me. I tried to tell him that, for me, he is a character in an important story, about which he must have been asked a million times. I felt that, anything I could ask him wouldn’t amount to anything. “It’s an honor to make your acquaintance”, I told him and walked away.

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